Visualize and have a 360° picture of your
manufacturing-related workflows

With Casual, a user-friendly workflow management tool, you can get your manufacturing and training processes in order and observe your team’s progress in the most visual way.

Create a well-organized plan (or call it workflow)

Casual.PM User Interface

Divide the processes of creating products and developing technological solutions into stages for convenient management. You can arrange manufacturing operations, connect them, assign executors, and view when the tasks are completed thanks to Casual’s intuitive interface and high functionality.

Easy-To-Clone Repeatable Workflows

Clock on the table

Decrease your time for creating a workflow for similar products by utilizing repeatable templates in Casual. Clone the existing plan, get a template, and customize it according to your requirements (name and describe it, plus assign the same executors and set deadlines).

Share Workflows with Your Partners, Vendors, and Clients

Office desk with notebooks, a laptop and a smartphone

Make communication with your partners, vendors, and clients transparent and convenient. Show the progress of manufacturing the product to your clients and the repeatable flows to partners and vendors by using interactive snapshots from Casual.

Make it easy to structure your workflow and control the tasks of your team members.