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Please Respect These Rules:

Please Do:

  • Promote Casual to your audience using social media, your website or blog.
  • Use your affiliate link in the Casual review article or product comparison that reflects your opinion.
  • Use any promo materials from the affiliate portal.
  • Contact us to get additional materials, for support or with feedback at

Please Don't:

  • Use your affiliate link on adult and dating websites or any site that promotes illegal content or activities.
  • Use spam or other illegal methods to promote.
  • Use Casual's branding in your branding, or Casual's name in your domain name.
  • Alter our branding or banners.
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Frequent Questions:

What happens when visitor clicks my affiliate link?

When people click the link they get a 90 days cookie by which we will be able to identify them later, at checkout. If they start their paid subscription during this period, we will be able to match this customer with you, unless cookie is cleared.

How the commission is paid?

We can only pay out commission via PayPal. It is free to create a PayPal Account.

What commission will I earn?

You will earn the 30% from each recurring payment from your lead until they cancel the subscription. Commissions are paid out one month after the customer makes the payment.