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Visual comparison between the usual way and Casual.PM way of doing process management
Casual is an online project management tool that differs from the rest.
It helps teams plan and execute projects as simple workflows online.

This new visual approach shows you everything at a glance.
No more frustrating team projects! With Casual, you’ll know how your project is going and who is doing what.

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Our unique team had a hard time bridging the gap where commercial meets engineering before casual. Great tool with staff always ready to adapt to our needs. Highly recommend Casual.PM!
Joseph Beaty, Project Manager
Casual has helped us as we have grown as a property management company with teams in three different countries and operations in 4 different states.
The solution is simple, easy to learn and it works.
The Casual team has been amazing, responsive and proud of their product and listens to customer input.
Edward W. Lui, Broker/Owner
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Frequent Questions about Casual

What is Visual Project Management?

Visual Project Management is like regular Project Management, but more visual and human-friendly. Imagine all your daily tasks connected in a workflow. A Visual Project Management tool like Casual will help you see how your work is connected to your team's efforts, and what goes after what. Call it the 360° or helicopter view.

How Casual is different from other Visual Project Management tools?

While there are many visual management tools available on the Internet, Casual.PM provides you with a visual task manager with an easy to use workflow management tool. If your business involves and requires repeatable processes, Casual.PM will be your top timesaver and you can clone and re-start each and every workflow you've created with Casual.PM

The tool will be useful for any industry that has:

  •  An onboarding process for new personnel
  • Educational materials
  • Process workflows and procedures
  • Schools, universities
  • Online courses, online schools, and masterminds

I need a simple project management tool, is Casual the perfect one for me?

Yes, it is.

When you sign up for Casual, you'll be provided with an expert on-boarding inclusive of video tips and best practices. In 10-15 min. You will learn how to create your first workflow and assign tasks to your teammates.

How Casual can help me with my project?

Casual will help you to visualize your project in a workflow format. Not only will you have a 360° view on your project but you will have a clear view of the entire project flow. Sign up with Casual and try it for free!

How can I create my first visual workflow?

First, sign up with Casual.PM for a free 14-day trial. After our expert video onboarding, you will be able to start your first workflow by adding your tasks and then connecting them with arrows in sequence, defining which task follows after another.

We recommend you check our How-To directory for valuable insights and pre-filled templates for your niche. Should you find a useful template, be sure to grab a copy of it to use in your workspace.